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Beds for Hope Village - July 2020

We are so excited to team up with Betsy Mikesell at Beddy's. Her ongoing support and voice helps us accomplish incredible things!  Last year she helped us raise 5k dollars in one week for BEDS at the orphanage that Hope Village Global funds. The children have always had to push desks aside and throw mats on the floor at bed time. We are so grateful that they will enjoy crawling into their own beds at night! A local woodworker is building wall mounted bunk beds, which will be installed as soon as a final part of outside construction is completed and the room is free to finally become the childrens' dedicated sleeping area !  The world is full of such good people. Thank you Betsy! 


Betsy has designed a special set of loops called The Betsy ! CHECK THEM OUT! They are a permanent offering here at ! The profit from every set sold is dedicated to Hope Village Global projects! Right now the needs are URGENT in light of the devastating earthquake that rocked the southwestern region of Haiti the morning of Saturday , Aug 14, 2021. Sadly, this has destroyed villages we serve in . The people who live in these villages are why Yubiloop was created and we ask for your prayers in their behalf. Not all are accounted for and our hearts are heavy.  As we scramble to respond quickly to the devastation with supplies like water, food, and meds, we are even MORE grateful for Betsy and our amazing customers!  If there was any doubt, it's obvious she has a heart of GOLD and we could not be more grateful!  

As always, you can support these efforts in Haiti without a single purchase. Donations can be made to Hope Village Global at . All donations are tax deductible , as it is a  501c3 non profit.  HVG is a 100% volunteer organization and they are so grateful for those who make this work possible. 


Support Tia Stokes - 2020

Tia Stokes is a Mom of 5, wife to Andrew Stokes, and started a service dance company 13 years ago. She has raised over $600,00 for various causes, including families dealing with things like childhood cancer. Now she is fighting her own battle with Acute Myloid Leukemia . It’s our turn to to support her, like she has supported so many others. Click the image to check out our benefit loops.

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