Our Story and what HOPE really looks like!

At YubiLoop, we believe life is just better when you are living your purpose. We set out with a goal of making your life easier by giving you a better hold on your phone, but our mission is more than that. 

We have always loved humanitarian endeavors and are heavily involved in the efforts of Hope Village Global (501c3).  Hope looks like charity in ACTION! In  Haiti and other areas where poverty is an everyday reality,  "things" just don't matter because their worry is more about hunger, safety , shelter and a basic education.   We created our company with the goal to serve as many people in impoverished parts of the world as possible, through the donation of a good portion of our profits and by rolling up our sleeves and diving in in those parts of the world!  We chose one of the poorest nations on earth, (Haiti) and have never looked back!

URGENT NEEDS and the Aug 14, 2021 Haiti Earthquake update:

Yubiloop is  currently dedicating as much of our profits as possible to helping  Hope Village Global assist in rescue and relief efforts  after the devastating earthquake on Saturday Aug 14th 2021.  Our hearts are heavy as we have learned that  the earthquake has leveled at least two of the villages we serve in . The people we serve there are like family and not everyone is accounted for. It takes a village to mobilize relief efforts quickly but Hope Village Team members/partners in Haiti have been on site since Saturday afternoon and are working tirelessly to rescue victims from under the rubble, get water and food to them and arrange medical crews for the thousands of wounded.

HVG is currently assembling a medical team from here in St George , Utah that will head down early next week.  If you would like to help , you can absolutely do so without a purchase. Jump over to hopevillageglobal.org and donate. ANY amount helps! 

  As most of you know, a portion of every YubiLoop sold goes to  Hope Village Global. Their mission is to lift impoverished communities in Haiti and abroad by fostering education, vocational programs and medical support. Right now HVG's focus is on earthquake relief efforts , but  HVG supports an orphanage and school in Del Mas Haiti and recently built a school on top of the existing orphanage, providing 9 new classrooms, complete with solar powered electricity! They had not enjoyed the luxury of electricity for several years, so that is a BIG DEAL! . A student and  community vocational program is up and running there and the growing children are fed and thirsty to learn!  A commercial kitchen is in the works (addressing a long time drainage issue is a big part of that) , after which a dedicated sleeping area can finally become a reality for the orphans who live there. Most have never experienced climbing into their own bed at night, but thanks to Betsy Mikesell and our customers, THAT will be the cherry on top of several years of making this transformation happen! SO MUCH GOOD has been done in a relatively short period of time. We are proud to be a small part of the goodness, thanks to our amazing customers. 


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